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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bachmann Spectrum HO Scale 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive - Norfolk & Western

Bachmann Spectrum HO Scale 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotiv w/DCC & Sound, Norfolk & Western #118

Product Description

This Norfolk & Western USRA Heavy Mountain 4-8-2 Steam Locomotive (#118) is a / DCC Sound-Equipped Spectrum® Model by Bachmann®. / Suitable for Ages 8 & Older. / / FEATURES: Equipped with DCC On Board® technology, which allows you to / digitally control the direction, speed, and lighting of this / locomotive using Bachmann's E-Z Command® Digital Command Control / System (BACU4402), or any NMRA-compliant DCC system. / The decoder itself features the following: / * 2 and 4 digit addresses / * advanced consisting / * dimmable lighting / * settable acceleration, decleration, / starting speed, and much more! / 100% backwards-compatible with standard DC (non-digital) layouts. / Equipped with a 28-speed step decoder. / Main track programming. / Also equipped with a state-of-the-art Digital Sound Decoder that's / based on SoundTraxx® Tsunami® Digital Sound Technology. The / decoder has been designed with a powerful Digital Signal / Processor (DSP) and: / * Supports extended address mode for assigning any / locomotive number up to 9,999 / * Supports advanced consist addressing / * Supports "Operation Mode Programming," allowing CVs to / be changed on the mainline without using a programming / track / The automatic dual mode decoder is set to operate immediately / using either a 12 volt DC power pack or NMRA-compatible / DCC command station. / Many advanced throttle features including: / * Programmable acceleration, deceleration and starting / voltage for prototypical starting and stopping / * Use of standard and alternate speed tables / The 16-bit sound processor provides: / * Adjustable volume control of each sound effect individually / * 1-watt audio amplifier / * Auto-Exhaust allows chuff to be synchronized to the locomotive / speed without the complexity of a synchronizing cam / All of the steam sound effects have been re-mastered and re-digitized / for the best audio possible: / - Steam Exhaust Chuff - Airpump / - Bell - Dynamo

The Norfolk and Western Railway (N&W) (reporting mark NW), a US class I railroad, was formed by more than 200 railroad mergers between 1838 and 1982. It had headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia for most of its 150 year existence.

The company was famous for manufacturing steam locomotives in-house at the Roanoke Shops as well as their own hopper cars. Around 1960, N&W was the last major American railroad to convert from steam to diesel motive power.

In the mid 20th century, N&W merged with long-time rival Virginian Railway in the Pocahontas coal region and grew even more in size and profitability by mergers with other rail carriers including Nickel Plate Road and Wabash in adjacent areas to form a system serving 14 states and a Canadian province between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River and Great Lakes with more than 7,000 miles (11,000 km) of trackage.

In 1982, the Norfolk & Western Railway was combined with the Southern Railway, another profitable carrier, to form the Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS), but it continued paper operations until it was merged into the Southern (by this point renamed Norfolk Southern Railway) in 1997.

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