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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Athearn HO Scale SD60M Locomotive - Burlington Northern / BNSF

Athearn HO Scale SD60M Locomotive w/DCC & Sound, Burlington Northern /BNSF Patch #8151 (Post Merger)

Product Features

Researched from the prototype to match specific units (including Conrail recessed fans and marker lights and UP raised walkway)
Factory installed DCC sound board
Genesis driveline with dynamically balanced five pole skew wound motor and dual flywheels
Directional constant lighting
Highly detailed fuel tank

Product Description

Now equipped with a SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder

The EMD SD60 is a 3,800 horsepower (2.8 MW) 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division. Intended for heavy-duty drag freight or medium-speed freight service, it was introduced in 1984, and production of SD60 variants ran until 1995.

The development of the SD50 and SD60 series in the late 1970s and early 1980s was spurred by the introduction of 3,600 hp (2.7 MW) GE B36-7 and GE C36-7 locomotives by EMD's main competitor General Electric. In 1980, the SD50 model was added to the EMD Catalog. However, the SD50 quickly became a 'dud' in terms of sales due to poor mechanical reliability and an overly complex electrical distribution and control system that was unique to the EMD 50-Series Locomotives. EMD therefore quickly commenced development of the SD60 series, which would improve upon the weaknesses of the SD50. Although the carbody and frame are nearly indistinguishable from the earlier SD50, the SD60 featured the new 16 cylinder EMD 710-G3A engine, AR-11 main alternator, D-87 traction motors and a microprocessor-based control system that governed various systems within the locomotive (e.g. wheelslip & transition). Mechanically, the SD60 proved to be more reliable and fuel-efficient than the SD50, but it was not a resounding success in terms of regaining the market share that was lost due to the electrical & mechanical issues that plagued the earlier SD50 model. EMD claimed that three SD60 units could replace four SD40-2s.

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